How Come People Never Join My Game?

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User Info: kyotosomo

4 years ago#11
Allen_Hood posted...
Feds950 posted...
Well, never resort to language. Just say your friends rather play something else.

Ok mom


User Info: LifeIsABigGame

4 years ago#12
That's very weird cuz I play with my lvl 50 axton or sal and I alway get people joining my games. I have even had low lvl people join my game when im farming the warrior or bunker. Yesterday I was looking for a b***h there was a lvl 12 and later on lvl 17 that joined my game so I started to go back down the hill to kill for some exp for them. I even let them pick up all the weapons and items they want and can carry. I get people of all levels to join and I don't trip as long as we all have fun.
Life is best enjoyed with family and friends.
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