Max cap Level 100

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User Info: Panopictonguy

4 years ago#41
The lack of comprehension is strong.

The video game "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" developed by Betheda was Balanced around "most" players maxing out their character at 50 and getting the most out of the game. The level cap however is much higher due to the way leveling works in Skyrim. Because of this characters leveling beyond 50 don't see the same steady power increase as they did when leveling from 1-50. This is the cause of most of the complaints about level scaling, magic, melee...etc.

Now that I explained that thoroughly. People are suggesting "level up, but don't give anymore skill points." If the game is balanced around you maximizing your skill tree's around 70 and you level up 30 more times there's going to be an issue somewhere. Something somewhere is going to fall short because skill points are a core part of character progression. Clearly if a player had full access to all the skills at once the games balanced would be far far in the players favor. But if the characters skill growth is cut off while enemy stats still increase exponentially beyond the players soft-cap there could also be a balance issue.

TL;DR: Having a soft-cap is only going to make people whine and complain because they aren't as OP as they wanna be at the Hard-cap.
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User Info: spfurm01

4 years ago#42
Oh god I hope not.

Guns currently scale so that at about every 5.5 to 6 levels the damage is doubled.

50 more levels ~= 8-9 more times doubling damage. That's an average of a gun dealing about 360% more damage than it's level 50 counterparts. Sniper Rifles base damage would be at least 1 million.

The game already does a bad job telling you how much damage you do once you get past 1000k.
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User Info: havok718

4 years ago#43
IMO something like D3's paragon levels would be good. It's a loot game and there's only one magic find item? Let us gain magic find and maybe some other fun stats with exp.

More character levels is completely pointless since Gearbox doesnt want to give any more skill points. All it will do is make current stuff trivial (or they scale everything up and you have to grind more to start doing raids). New content/raids should be hard because of mechanics, not because they are 20 levels higher and do X more damage while you need Y more DPS and Z more HP.

User Info: BayouJoe

4 years ago#44
Not gonna happen!
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User Info: rydan23

4 years ago#45
Let's put some these rumors into perspective. Legitly, when you think about it, how high can you have a character once you have all of the season dlc solo. I'm thinking level 40-41. Once pt2 comes around, when do you think you'll max out in the main story without doing dlc. I'm thinking halfway. At this point there's really no need to push through hours of content unless you want the gear and your casual gamer will not do this. So at this point an increased cap is necessary and probably at least 10 levels. There is also rumor all but confirmed that will add a pt3, google it, you'll find it, that leads me to believe that we are looking a very sizeable cap increase. 100 is definitely possible. You will not max everything but come superclose. I hope it is this because for one I'm a legit player and I believe to get that high its going to take hours to go one level. So if you do the math and it takes hundreds of hours to max out legitly, who cares if you are godly at the end of it. Alsoan another thing to thing about for all of you hard core people, it would not be hard for gearbox to implement an option of capping or not capping at level 50, sort of like what bethesda did once they increased the cap in new vegas.
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User Info: Laylow12

4 years ago#46
This topic is gathering steam, full troll ahead matey!!
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User Info: SkySoldier07

4 years ago#47
I found level 100 mongol rocket launcher and they arent black. I can prove it.
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