What would you like to see in Borderlands 3?

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User Info: chopsueyside

4 years ago#81
A better matchmaking system!!
GT: Doctor Terr0r

User Info: Whitbane

4 years ago#82
Do you guys think they'll keep the Vault Hunters from BL2 around in the story for the next game, or just the three from the original. It'd be awesome to watch all the vault hunters unite in the next game.

Plus then they have choice on who they want to kill off for plot progression.

They need a good villain, though. Handsome Jack will be hard to replace.

User Info: gdaddy

4 years ago#83
one thing that they had in the first game that seems to be removed in the second is ranged spawning of enemies. What I mean is that in the second game enemies spawn when you walk into the middle of an area as opposed to spawning when the map loads. This make sniping useless and ambushes frequent.

User Info: Panopictonguy

4 years ago#84
VampLordAdamaru posted...
resealable posted...
The problem with any new feature involving weapon upgrades is that it will become exploitable right away. Making it cost a lot is pointless because the save system allows money duping and even if it used some point system like skill points, it runs the risk of being glitched just by existing. Putting a cap on the upgrades won't work either because both weapons and player level can be modded past 100. This would be no different

And the only way it is exploitable is by choice, just like duping and modding. You have to choose to do it, plain and simple. If you choose not to, then it is no longer exploitable, and anyone else using it has no impact on your game.

Why people get so worked up by others cheating and using exploits, when it has no impact whatsoever on their game, will always be a mystery to me... Now, if said modders start bragging about "omg i haz da bestest lootz evar u shud b jelus cuz im teh awsum lulz," then sure, tell 'em to shut up. But when it has no impact on you, then YOU need to be the one to shut up.

(Not telling you, specifically, to shut up, resealable. That was a generic, collective "you," referring to the people who b**** incessantly [A] about how modders and cheaters [B] are ruining [A]'s games...)

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