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User Info: xHuckleberry

4 years ago#11
If you farm here and there in between main story quests, you shouldnt have a problem. Not to mention spending time getting challenges done. I just dont see the problem in missing a few quests, which might result in like...the same exp a Wilhelm kill might. Or a couple Dukino's mom, or something. Its not a big deal, and you will more than likely regret doing the quests that actually do give nice rewards once you hit 50.

Also, the only quests you need to miss are fairly obvious quests. If you see a blue weapon, you might wanna wait until 2.5. Imo, still more then enough quests in the game...even with missing those select sum

User Info: BigSai29

4 years ago#12
And if you so happen to hit a wall, you could actually kill stuff you can handle and level up. It's almost like it's an RPG.

User Info: kiwimyweewee

4 years ago#13
There are some unique quests reward that are garbage. If you hit a stopping point you could do those quests if you have done all the head, skin, green items, and eridium quests.

That's only if you feel if you haven't gotten enough experience from all those quests.
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User Info: Max58201

4 years ago#14
the only sidequests i did were the first map quests after clap traps place firehawk up to the quest with the shield reward and the quests in bricks map and i was 49 when i fought bunker i really don't see the problem here

moxxi is a wonderful thing where you can get an up to date purple fire smg whenever you want and a corrosive one if you have a second controller those guns are more then enough for tvhm
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User Info: kidish

4 years ago#15
First PT2 character: do everything.

Any character thereafter: save the blue-and-up quests until PT2.5, but use unique gear from the first PT2.

Some level 50 gear is fantastic to have. But taking a second character through and having a mid-PT2 Rubi is also pretty nice.

If a player isn't going to play BL2 that much anyway, there's no point in saving the quests until PT2.5. They won't keep going after they beat the Warrior PT2 anyway.

User Info: BayouJoe

4 years ago#16
Why argue over something that is entirely up to the player, 'To each his own'.
I myself skipped most of the side quests in TVHM and had no trouble finishing the game......all I have to do now in TVHM is a few more side quests and the 2 dlc's.
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User Info: BigSai29

4 years ago#17
From: BayouJoe | #016
Why argue over something that is entirely up to the player,

It's so OP can rationalize his shortcomings as a player. Also because the OP has a fetish with trying to win on the internet.

User Info: LinkLuigi

4 years ago#18
BigSai29 posted...
From: BayouJoe | #016
Why argue over something that is entirely up to the player,

It's so OP can rationalize his shortcomings as a player. Also because the OP has a fetish with trying to win on the internet.

You've posted far more than he did in this thread, ya know.

At any rate, that link that the third guy posted is great. I don't like suffering until the endgame, would rather enjoy my time as it comes.

User Info: AngryOldFeral

4 years ago#19
I disagree to an extent.

There's several unique quest-reward items that are great at level 50, and handle quite well at Playthrough 2.5. I basically save the following quests for after I've killed Warrior:

"Splinter Group" : RokSalt Shotgun (huge reload-speed bonus)
"Uncle Teddy" : Lady-Fist Pistol (+400% critical damage... gnarly pistol for a blue-rare)
"Slap Happy": Octo Shotgun (crazy firing pattern)

"Clan War" Sidequests: Just the last one, so I can either farm for a level 50 Maggie or Slagga. Though a level 50 Landscaper is pretty gnarly to have. The Chulain SMG sucks on account that it auto-slags the wielder.

"Demon Hunter": Buffalo Rifle
"Hyperion Slaughter" arenas: Cher'amie Sniper
"Creature Slaughter" arenas: Creamer Rocket Launcher
"Pretty Good Train Robbery": Fuster Cluck grenade mod
"Safe and Sound": Heartbreaker Shotgun (one of my favorites)
"Hell Hath No Fury": Kiss of Death grenade mod
"Best Mother's Day Ever": Love Thumper... awesome for melee builds.
"Won't Get Fooled Again" and "BFFs": Law & Order
"Note For Self-Person": Roaster Launcher (kind of meh, though, but I like it)
"Rakkaholics Anonymous": Rubi (a handgun you will want at level 50)

I didn't really list the DLC weapons, since I always play through them on TVHM and PT2.5 anyway. The main reasoning behind my disagreement with TC's post is because on my first time playing, I did all the sidequests on TVHM, and the entire time after in PT2.5 with that character I was really wishing that I had some level-50 versions of my favorite unique guns.

Even for blue-rarity items, a lot of these will still wreck enemies with ease on PT2.5 or have some sort of beneficial perk (like Moxxi's weapons healing you for a percentage of the damage you're doing) that helps out a lot especially when the difficulty spikes up across the entire game.

You can farm for Legendaries, and killing Terramorphous and other raid-bosses will crap out more purple-rare items than you know what to do with... but once you miss out on the max-level of these quest rewards, there's jack and **** you can do about it except play the game through again or try to trade people and hope they've got the version you want.
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User Info: Panopictonguy

4 years ago#20
Most of the people posting in opposition feel there's only one way yo play the game. You do realize you can create as many character as you like I have at least 8. You can get level 50 gear in PT.2.5 infinite times.

Not only that people that are clearly against farming have suggested to stop and farm/grind. All I'm suggesting is...just playing the game. There's a shard stash for a reason so you're able to twink characters for things like this.

I'm not really trying to argue anything I'm just offering up a different suggestion that would lead to far less frustration. Instead of locking people into thinking they only have one chance ever od getting level 50 quest rewards.
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