Mechro & Infinity Pistol?

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User Info: Bones_McGee

4 years ago#1
It always reads zero when I equip her with the pistol? Thought maybe my pistol's glitched but I have tried 5 other peoples pistols and they all wont fire.

Is this standard?

Patch coming soon?
GT: The FN Man1

User Info: xBallyhoox

4 years ago#2
Smaller, Lighter, faster skill. You can't even run it with one point if you want to use the infinity.
XBL GT: Emperor of Lulz

User Info: chopsueyside

4 years ago#3
Take the points out of Smaller,Lighter,Faster. When it decreases magazine size it turns the Infinity Pistol's 1 magazine size to zero.
GT: Doctor Terr0r
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