LF a few legendaries

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User Info: kcxlefty

4 years ago#1
I'm looking for a couple lvl 50 legendaries which are:
Lvl 50 Bee
Lvl 50 Infinity (doesnt matter which)
Lvl 50 DP Unkempt Harold

I dont have much to offer but i do have the following which i can dupe:
Lvl 48 Bee
Lvl 50 shock fibber
Lvl 49 hellfire
2 Lvl 50 CCs (one crit, one is something else i forgot)
Lvl 35 legendary commando class mod
Anything else you need help with im willing to do for you.

I'll be on xbox for the next couple of hours. Hit me up on: aXis Lefty

User Info: brokenrod1

4 years ago#2
I can help you out. I sent you a message on Xbox live....
XBox Live Gamertag: Redruuum75

User Info: jambabuster

4 years ago#3
brokenrod1, I am wondering if you could help me out with the bee and infinity too? Thanks a lot.

I don't have a lot to offer but some legendaries that I can help to dupe.

Pistols: Gub, Gunerang, Maggie, Unkempt Harrold
Sniper: Pitchfork, Lyudmila, Skullmasher
Shields: Tortoise
Grenade: Quasar, Fastball

gt: jambabuster
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