Farming the Baby Maker

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User Info: sefus12

4 years ago#1
Ok folks. Trying to farm a higher level Baby Maker from both Madam and Mad Dog and had no luck after 2 hours last night. Spent the majority on Madam (seems to be the quicker of the two), but probably wiped out Mad Max about 5 times as well. Do the odds of getting the Baby Maker go up with more players? Also, are either of the two more likely to drop? Much thanks.

User Info: fakesnoop77

4 years ago#2
2 hours is not enough time to farm. Try 2 days.

It took me a whole week to farm Madam before she finally gave me anything!

However, I farmed Wilhelm for Logans gun and got it on my second try. Random loot is random loot....

Edit: Also got a Bee Shield after farming HH only 4 times. However, Incinerator Clayton refuses to give me the Pyrophobia still.
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User Info: xsaudio

4 years ago#3
Hyperious drops the pyrophobia. I got 3 from him so far.
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