Your builds for each character.

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User Info: StormWolf12

4 years ago#1
I just wanted to see how everyone was choosing to build their characters. Had a topic like this in the past, and people posted plenty of cool builds.

Anyway- I'll go first with my main five builds.

Breakneck Banshee, Love Thumper, Vitality Relic, Longbow Quasar
Evisceration Rubi, DP Harold, Orphan Maker, Norfleet
Melee Maya, specced for movement speed.

Legendary Soldier, Neogentaor/Sham, Vitality or Explosion relic, Longbow Sticky Meteor shower.
DP Harold, Slippery Kerblaster, Skookum Cobra, Topneaa/Norfleet
Fairly standard explosion dps build. Boom. Usually just Topneaa/Sham and forget the rest.

Unstoppable Beserker, Flame of the Firehawk, Fire damage relic, Longbow Quasar
Rustler's Orphan Maker, Expeditious Rubi, Something, Something
Flamezerker, Orphan Maker keeps the shield depleted. Infinite novas.

Wired Catalyst, Grounded Black Hole, Shock Damage Relic, Longbow Quasar
Shock Binary Rubi, Shock Practicable Slow Hand, Shock Norfleet, Shock Kitten
Built for Blackhole explosions with BSS and Rubi.

Legendary Hunter, Love Thumper/Hide of Terra, Vitality Relic, Longbow Quasar
Slag Rapier, Slag Evisceration Rubi, Norfleet, Maggie
Melee Zero. Do damage to people.

Those are my builds. Feel free to share yours. If you need any of this gear to try these builds, shoot me a PM.
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