thinking of buying how is online

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User Info: nativeboi85

4 years ago#1
Is it still very active

User Info: fakesnoop77

4 years ago#2
In pitch dark I go walking in your landscape.

User Info: deadlyfred

4 years ago#3
Lots of people playing.
XBL GT: Ki11er Six (ones instead of L's and a space between the two words)
Treasure Room glitch on Borderlands 2:

User Info: VaricoseVeins

4 years ago#4
More now than ever.

User Info: Tsuruke

4 years ago#5
Lots of randoms play this online. The beauty of this is that you have the fortunate pleasure to congregate people on this (and other) boards so that you will not run in to disrespectful randoms and loot-jerks (or if your preference is legitimacy; Modders, Glitchers, and Dupers).

However, you can frequently come across understanding and respectful randoms with mics.
XBL GT/PSN: Tsuruke.
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