A question about DLC and Playthroughs

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User Info: 714kaos

4 years ago#1
I just restarted game on TVHM(Lvl 34) and i kind of want to buy the pirate DLC and play it normal mode at this level for extra gear and xp, then do it again on my second playthrough at level 50.but i have a few questions:

1. the xp is pretty dang good on tvhm, will pirate DLC on normal mode be somewhat close?torque seemed to have much better xp then end of first playthrough.

2. what exactly is pt2.5 . is that just like the dlc or a patch or what? im still confused about that lol.

User Info: fakesnoop77

4 years ago#2
If you want my advice, play through TVHM until you reach lvl 50 and complete the game then do both DLC's.

This way you will get all the unique rewards at lvl 50.

PT2.5 becomes available once you complete TVHM. PT2.5 does not actually appear as a selectable play through from the menu, but once TVHM has been completed you can go back to the game and everything spawns at lvl 50 and higher for bosses (lvl 52).

If you have any outstanding side quests left when you complete TVHM these can be done in 2.5 and they will scale the rewards to lvl 50.

This is why most people will recommend you leave any quest that rewards you with a Blue or higher until PT2.5
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User Info: 714kaos

4 years ago#3
ok thanks for the advice. i got another querstion now though, i accidently teleported to oasis on TVHM with my lvl 34 >.< i didnt see any enemies or do anything but the video played. did it lock my level already LOL. if it did i might as well play it now.

User Info: Robtcee13

4 years ago#4
All of the quests will be level 50 when you accept them. So, as long as you haven't accepted any quests, you can get the respective level 50 equivalent rewards.
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