Pyro Pete Farming Group

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User Info: muttenman

5 years ago#1
Looking for some people to farm Pyro Pete. Dup any Legendaries we get and dup any gear we need for the fight.


GT: Muttenman

User Info: Soul_Decay

5 years ago#2
I'll come give you a hand :D
GT: Tho Radia
Me too...tha 228 great. Heads up I haven't fought him yet.
Currently Playing: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Xbox 360), FarCry 3 (Xbox 360)
I'm on one.

User Info: KCL72900

5 years ago#4
Im game
Gamertag: DarthCameron

User Info: BobTheHog

5 years ago#5
send me an invite, im down to help, im a level 50 mechro
Gamertag: xX BobTheHog Xx

User Info: Redmest

5 years ago#6
XBL Redmest gunzerker
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