Heads and Skin Farming Questions

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User Info: TcidenebT

4 years ago#1
I was wondering if difficulty affects the drop rate of the customization pieces? If I play on Normal mode am I at a disadvantage from getting the skins from for example Henry? Also If I play as a siren can I still find the heads for other classes? I know I can find the skins but I am unsure of the heads, any help would be appreciated.

User Info: tony8669

4 years ago#2
I've never seen that the class I'm playing has any effect on what class's heads/skins drop.

I think you HAVE to have the compatibility pack installed for ANY Mechromancer class items to drop, so that's the only caveat.

User Info: Shiroh08th

4 years ago#3
Just picked up an assassin head from henry in about 10 drops on normal, so I dunno if there's a difference on normal or not. Regardless, lucky for me!
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