What did YOU get from the special event weekend?

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User Info: Ultimaphazon

5 years ago#1
It was a very successful (prolonged) weekend for me. I got, in order:

Striker (2nd Slappy kill)
Conference Call (6th Warrior kill)
Invader (from the Warrior earlier today, while helping a friend gain some levels for tomorrow's DLC)
Fastball (1st Verm kill)
Norfleet (2nd Verm kill)

User Info: KarnageWolf413

5 years ago#2
me and my girlfriend got a CC on our first pete kill

User Info: H3nryW1ls0n3

5 years ago#3
I got compatibility pack issues, thats what I got......

User Info: gamerlin10

5 years ago#4
In the last 2 hours I've gotten 5 Norfleets, a Lovely Corpse head, a Legendary Soldier mod, and a Homing Quasar.
PSN: HPrestored88

User Info: reigigas_master

5 years ago#5
-Two volcanoes and a white death from Hyperius
-Two skullsmashers (both level 50) from a Super Bada$$ Varkid and Super Bada$$ bullymong
-A freaking invader from the crappy stuff that Warrior drops, but it was on my friends first playthrough, and I was pretty angry since I've been trying to get a level 50 invader for a while
-Then almost all legendary grenade mods from Pete

User Info: KarnageWolf413

5 years ago#6
we also got alot of b*tchs, couple white deaths, and a valcano

User Info: CaptainBizarro

5 years ago#7
So far I've spent about 2 hours fighting Verm and so far I've got one orange head mod out of him and nothing else
GT - Captain Bizarro

User Info: BigLongDowner

5 years ago#8
Pertinent Norfleet (Slag Element)
GT - The Grunge Guy

User Info: Tsuruke

5 years ago#9
I have gotten 96.5% MORE WUB WUB.
Interpret that any way you decide to lol
XBL GT/PSN: Tsuruke.

User Info: diablogamer

5 years ago#10
Yeah Im having issues as well it keeps telling me it cant download the latest pack complete bs. I erase the last two and now its seems like its download the latest pack.
"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very
persistent one" Albert Einstein
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  3. What did YOU get from the special event weekend?

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