This DLC is pretty awesome!

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  3. This DLC is pretty awesome!

User Info: xzMasteRzx

5 years ago#1
80% of the quests give only Exp.
No level cap raised, or planned within the DLCs. Will probably be separate.
Short story line.
Armoury gives terrible loot.

Sooooo fun! About the only good thing that comes out of this is new bosses to farm and the heads.
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User Info: bcon1208

5 years ago#2
This is why I still haven't bought either of the two newest DLCs. When the level cap goes up, I'll buy them all and enjoy leveling up while playing new content. The friend I party up with feels exactly the same, so in the spring we'll have lots of things to do.
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User Info: motorolla

5 years ago#3
How long did it take you to finish, mate? I'm on the fence about buying it so any advice regarding that is welcomed. Cheers.
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  3. This DLC is pretty awesome!

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