Season pass is starting to be a huge rip off...

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User Info: iAmTheTot

5 years ago#151
From: Chrono Trigger Rules | Posted: 1/15/2013 9:01:26 PM | #149
oh yeah I forgot, you are the only one allowed to do that right? xd You are just an hilarious troll now, another one for the ignore list.

I issued you this challenge before and you never took it up. I now offer you a second challenge. Quote me and show me when I have ever done this, I'll apologize, and shut up.
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User Info: blakenick

5 years ago#152
I'd have to agree with the TC.

My friends and I got a 4 pack during a 25% off sale before borderlands was even released, so we already saved $20 from not buying the game individually.

However the Season pass was a rip as in sales most of the DLC has been available for $8-4 each during sales. So with the base $40 you would have paid for the season pass, you already overpaid by what will end up being around $20-$16 depending on the cost of the last 2 DLC during sales.

So... if you were savvy there was no real benefit to buying the season pass at all, you lost more money than if you had bought the dlc individually during sales (which are fairly common).

Apart from that only one of those 4 guys ended up buying the season pass and he was pretty unhappy with it. If you assumed you were going to get DLC of the extent to which they had taken that of the first game, then you were sorely disappointed.

So from both a monetary and qualitative viewpoint, it's a total ripoff.

The Captain Scarlet one pissed him off the most with it being a single boss added (his description), he also wasn't a fan of Creature Slaughter Dome as he said it seemed like something that should have been included in the initial game (when compared to the first) but had been taken out to provide extra DLC content.
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User Info: Uru_Zeph

5 years ago#153
I'm a big fan of Borderlands, but I've gotta say, I'm a little bit disappointed in the DLC this time around too. I don't regret my decision to buy the pass, but I do wish that they'd do a little bit more with their DLC.

For the heck of it, I'll go ahead and post reasons why I am disappointed with what they have been giving to us. First, however, I want to say that this post isn't to bash the DLC or say "Omg Gearbox sux and is taking my money with crap," it's just things I would personally have liked to have been included with the dlc, or changed about them.

First, I wish the DLC would scale to my level, even before entering true vault hunter mode. I mean, plot-wise, most of the dlc come after the campaign anyway, so why not allow them to have higher levels too? I'm somewhat of a completionist, so I want to finish the ones I have prior to entering tvh, but they're a snore when everything is so underleveled. Also, it'd just be a nice bump-up to higher levels prior to entering tvh, and I don't feel like I should have to wait to beat the main game twice to be able to enjoy dlc at a challenge level equal to my character.

Second, the DLCs don't really offer a whole lot in terms of plot or post-game content, two things of which DLC for this type of game should be addressing. Yeah, I get that they're funny, but unless they're downright hilarious (see: Torgue. But that involved a Vault too, so it was arguably relevant to the plot as well), the humor doesn't compensate for the fact that the adventure feels uninspiring. They're also repeating their jokes, which isn't good. Example; in the main game, they're self-aware of how certain characters are going to obviously backstab you. It was funny. In Scarlett, she mentions how she'd obviously backstab you. It was pretty funny again. In Torgue, however... the "I'm gonna work with you then backstab you" joke just fell flat. Too much, just too much.
As for the latter point about post-game content, I'm still waiting for them to up the level-cap. I was really hoping that they'd find a way to go higher than their level cap from Borderlands one, but it looks like we might be lucky to get a raise even that high. I feel like they're avoiding it because of the capstones in the skill trees... which is disappointing, because having another capstone or two would be awesome. Also, they could include more than two raid-bosses in each dlc, and I don't think too many people would complain.

Third: Too many different types of currency, and too little use for any of them. Dollars and iridium were tolerable as I figured they'd eventually add more purpose to the iridium, but then they added seraph crystals. Alright, I'll bite, the name sounds cool... wait, now Torgue tokens? Hold on, I'm still waiting for iridium to be relevant! The fact that they increased the price of admission for certain raid bosses does not make iridium more relevant, it makes accessing that specific raid boss more tedious. And I think I know their reasoning to adding more currencies to the game, I just hate it and disagree with it. (It seems they're adding it simply so that people don't have easy access to the new loot, but there are better ways).
They actually should have added a more relevant use to iridium in the base game, because no one should need to buy dlc for a specific aspect of a game to be more functional or relevant to the game, but dlc offers a chance to fix things that didn't fire on all cylinders, and they haven't.

Fourth: The dlc is coming out really fast. This may seem like a weird complaint, but if taking longer to complete dlc would make it better and more polished (which it's entirely likely that it would), then I don't want them to rush it out the door.

I dunno. As I mentioned, I don't bring up these points to say that the dlc are bad; they aren't. It just seems that Borderlands is getting too caught up in trying to be "badass" and forgetting to be fun.

User Info: TheTrueSeto

5 years ago#154
I got it at $10.50. Base game at $36. So nope.
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User Info: Drakillion

5 years ago#155
If you're going to buy a Season pass, you'd better know what you're signing up for: A leap of faith, a wild guess, a gamble that most, if not all of the DLC packs will be good.

In my opinion, even if it's a great game, you should hold off on a season pass. The only season pass that I bought was Battlefield Premium, and I kind of regretted it. The DLC packs that were released were really fun, but it can be hard to find good West coast servers and I'm primarily a Rush person. I can always play on South coast server but lag and I don't get along well.

If it was on the PC though, I won't regret. But seriously, don't buy a Season Pass until they have released some, if not most of the DLC. Yes, it's your money, but you should be just careful with it.
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User Info: josuna123

5 years ago#156
People who BOUGHT this season pass and feel ripped off have as much freedom to express their opinion as those who defend it.

I, for one, am also disappointed with this season pass DLC. The thread starter has a point, and those who say they are satisfied and defend their purchase obviously did not play the first Borderlands.

I bought the season pass DLC, because I thought that if the first Borderlands had really good DLC, all of which I purchased, then this one should be just as good. I have to agree that their just milking this one now that they have cash in hand. I feel like their not putting 100% originality or effort to make these DLC's memorable or worth playing more than 2 hours.

I wouldn't be surprised if the best DLC comes AFTER the season pass is over.

User Info: lnknprk_45

5 years ago#157
Borderlands 2 Season Pass actually is a ripoff, but not in the sense in that each DLC pack hasn't been enjoyable enough. The ripoff comes from how they are thinking about releasing more DLC than just the Season Pass before the Season Pass content is done. Initially at release the Season Pass sold well enough that they were already thinking about selling more content outside of the Season Pass.

They're trying to get the Season Pass DLC done as fast as possible so that they can make more DLC and more money before they have to move on. I love me some more DLC, but take your time and do it right. To quote Randy Pitchford: "The stuff we're planning and working on for the Campaign DLC Season Pass is big DLC stuff – more like Knoxx," That's not what we are getting with the Season Pass content.

User Info: fat_irish_guy

5 years ago#158
Gamers now adays are so spoiled its retarded ur not gonna buy another Gbox game up front cus u didnt enjoy the BL2 Dlc? Honestly so far overall its better then BL1 DLC only good one really was knoxx. And 99% of why u dont like the dlc is no level cap man holy crap making a new playthorugh as an axton or maya etc.. is so hard to do. Honestly i've bought this season pass and Gears 3 pass i only even downloaded 2 of the gears dlc even tho i paid for them all, i'm enjoying the BL2 dlc and if u check the "facts" majority of the Dlcs for BL2 people like. Theres prolly like 20% of the active BL2 players that even use Gamefaqs. So if u think these dlcs suck ur in the minority
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User Info: F_Wolf

5 years ago#159
Unpure_Euphoria posted...
From: Chrono Trigger Rules | Posted: 1/15/2013 9:01:26 PM | #149
oh yeah I forgot, you are the only one allowed to do that right? xd You are just an hilarious troll now, another one for the ignore list.

I issued you this challenge before and you never took it up. I now offer you a second challenge. Quote me and show me when I have ever done this, I'll apologize, and shut up.

He won't because he knows he's wrong.

I love it when people think they are that majority just because they speficically go some where to complain about something that is KNOWN for everyone going to to complain about petty bullcrap. You go to a place and surround your self with people with your opinion...must be the majority.

Then, god forbid anyone points out how dumb this is, the response is just YOU ARE ALL WRONG AND TROLL AND I SHALL BLOCK YOU. He even acts like I came in here talking about how great the DLC was.

Really? I did? Please quote the post where I "spouted drival" as you put it, about how great the DLC was.

O wait, I didn't. Guess that hate-rage makes you see funny things, huh?
(message deleted)
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