Season pass is starting to be a huge rip off...

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User Info: RampageRalf

4 years ago#161
fat_irish_guy posted...
Gamers now adays are so spoiled its retarded ur not gonna buy another Gbox game up front cus u didnt enjoy the BL2 Dlc? Honestly so far overall its better then BL1 DLC only good one really was knoxx. And 99% of why u dont like the dlc is no level cap man holy crap making a new playthorugh as an axton or maya etc.. is so hard to do. Honestly i've bought this season pass and Gears 3 pass i only even downloaded 2 of the gears dlc even tho i paid for them all, i'm enjoying the BL2 dlc and if u check the "facts" majority of the Dlcs for BL2 people like. Theres prolly like 20% of the active BL2 players that even use Gamefaqs. So if u think these dlcs suck ur in the minority

lol you couldnt be more wrong xd
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User Info: F_Wolf

4 years ago#162
Chrono Trigger Rules posted...
F_Wolf posted...
Unpure_Euphoria posted...
From: Chrono Trigger Rules | Posted: 1/15/2013 9:01:26 PM | #149
oh yeah I forgot, you are the only one allowed to do that right? xd You are just an hilarious troll now, another one for the ignore list.

I issued you this challenge before and you never took it up. I now offer you a second challenge. Quote me and show me when I have ever done this, I'll apologize, and shut up.

He won't because he knows he's wrong.

I love it when people think they are that majority just because they speficically go some where to complain about something that is KNOWN for everyone going to to complain about petty bullcrap. You go to a place and surround your self with people with your opinion...must be the majority.

Then, god forbid anyone points out how dumb this is, the response is just YOU ARE ALL WRONG AND TROLL AND I SHALL BLOCK YOU. He even acts like I came in here talking about how great the DLC was.

Really? I did? Please quote the post where I "spouted drival" as you put it, about how great the DLC was.

O wait, I didn't. Guess that hate-rage makes you see funny things, huh?


Others have already posted the quotes and where to find em hahahahaha guys like you 2 licking each others ass because you are so in love with BL2 and then making a giant fool out of yourselves hahahahahahha
thanks mate gave me a good laugh!

What in gods name are you talking about? Are you high?

User Info: fat_irish_guy

4 years ago#163
chrono trigger is an awful series of games bud do you even lift?
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User Info: iAmTheTot

4 years ago#164
From: F_Wolf | Posted: 1/15/2013 11:22:22 PM | #162
What in gods name are you talking about? Are you high?

I lol'ed. I haven't taken anything he says to heart in awhile.
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User Info: havok718

4 years ago#165
From: blakenick | #152
I'd have to agree with the TC.

My friends and I got a 4 pack during a 25% off sale before borderlands was even released, so we already saved $20 from not buying the game individually.

However the Season pass was a rip as in sales most of the DLC has been available for $8-4 each during sales. So with the base $40 you would have paid for the season pass, you already overpaid by what will end up being around $20-$16 depending on the cost of the last 2 DLC during sales.

So... if you were savvy there was no real benefit to buying the season pass at all, you lost more money than if you had bought the dlc individually during sales (which are fairly common).

Apart from that only one of those 4 guys ended up buying the season pass and he was pretty unhappy with it. If you assumed you were going to get DLC of the extent to which they had taken that of the first game, then you were sorely disappointed.

So from both a monetary and qualitative viewpoint, it's a total ripoff.

The Captain Scarlet one pissed him off the most with it being a single boss added (his description), he also wasn't a fan of Creature Slaughter Dome as he said it seemed like something that should have been included in the initial game (when compared to the first) but had been taken out to provide extra DLC content.

Are you seriously trying to making this horrendous argument? So... every product ever made is a ripoff because they drop in price over time?

You're not getting any of these DLCs for $4 at release besides retailer-side promotions which have nothing to do with Gbx. And there was an equal chance to get the Season pass for less than $30 at launch from same retailer promotions.

User Info: F_Wolf

4 years ago#166
Unpure_Euphoria posted...
From: F_Wolf | Posted: 1/15/2013 11:22:22 PM | #162
What in gods name are you talking about? Are you high?

I lol'ed. I haven't taken anything he says to heart in awhile.

He's "self ownage" detector is working alright, unfortunately he's been holding it backwards the entire time.

User Info: atomsteele

4 years ago#167
I loved the first game and bought the season pass for this one. I have never bought a season pass before and won't be doing so again because of this game. Its a great game but I feel let down by this games dlc.
Knoxx was a pretty great add on and I personally enjoyed the zombie dlc. I was definItely let down by Scarlett. Torgue was fun but just didn't make up for Scarlett. I just got to Hammerlocks. I hope it pulls this out of the bin for me. I want to love this so much more. To be fair tho...the main game is really good. Its the dlc I'm butt hurt over.

User Info: atomsteele

4 years ago#168
So far Hammerlock is the worst of the lot. Screw me once shame on you gearbox...screw me twice and it's my own damn fault for buying the season pass. Lesson learned.

User Info: Mixorz

4 years ago#169
josuna123 posted...
People who BOUGHT this season pass and feel ripped off have as much freedom to express their opinion as those who defend it.

I, for one, am also disappointed with this season pass DLC. The thread starter has a point, and those who say they are satisfied and defend their purchase obviously did not play the first Borderlands.

I bought the season pass DLC, because I thought that if the first Borderlands had really good DLC, all of which I purchased, then this one should be just as good. I have to agree that their just milking this one now that they have cash in hand. I feel like their not putting 100% originality or effort to make these DLC's memorable or worth playing more than 2 hours.

I wouldn't be surprised if the best DLC comes AFTER the season pass is over.

I'm almost positive more DLC is coming after the season pass is done.
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User Info: Lost_Djinn

4 years ago#170
It's topics like these that help fatten up my ignore list. I don't intend to tolerate people on the interwebs that I don't tolerate IRL either.
"Opinions are immunity to being told you're wrong" - Relient K
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