Infinity pistol please help

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User Info: Keefstone84

4 years ago#1
I have been farming doc mercy for weeks with hundreds of kills and it seems like i will never get it. even have friends trying as well and no luck for them. I'm always like to find my own gear but this is ridiculous. If anyone would be willing to dupe one for me on xbox... it would be greatly appreciated. I have a few nice items as well, you may already have them but i would be willing to dupe something as well.

User Info: mike_marra

4 years ago#2
I have one. Gamertag is in sig.
YouTube: BlueTrinityGaming
XBL GT: D1mmuB0rg1r666

User Info: bkblakey

4 years ago#3
i have all elements at 10.4 fire rate. send me MSG if u want them.

Xbox GT: KYdrugdealer
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