34 days total playing time

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4 years ago#1
i am almost ashamed of this- but after adding all the hours i have with 7 different players it equals 34 days total play-time. in all that time i have had 9 legit orange drops. how can you not dupe?

anyone else devote the end of last year to this game only to get nothing from it?
how much have you played?

User Info: sharkercheat

4 years ago#2

User Info: fredbeatswilma

4 years ago#3
How many days was that flesh sticking people?
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User Info: Seiichi Omori

Seiichi Omori
4 years ago#4
From: OLD_MAN_GAMER | #001
how can you not dupe?

treasure room glitch

User Info: jreed1337

4 years ago#5
yeesh, that sucks. im at like 2 days maybe and ive had 7 orange drops thusfar. havent hit level 50 with my second character yet.

been playing since release.

User Info: ollie229

4 years ago#6
Sometimes people just don't have the luck to pull legendaries. I do ok, but I have one friend who can't get an orange drop to save his life but another who has kicked over no less the 4 skag piles and received oranges.

It's ridiculous. I farm a lot. But if there is something that I want and a friend of mine has it, I will get him to dupe it for me every time.
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4 years ago#7
after about 5000 plus flesh stick kills, he did drop 1 orange. he was level 52, the drop was for a level 39 pistol- forgot what it was- someone else saw it and grabbed it (of course)

without help from the Breeze and some other droppers- i would have a huge pile of blue and purple guns- not bad stuff, but not on par with what some of the oranges can do.

without a level cap and better guns, its almost pointless to even play this game now. why quest for exp and loot when you have the best/max already? new areas and enemies are not, but why even bother with it when it affects nothing but achievements.

User Info: ChicagoTed_

4 years ago#8
I have 10 days of playing time. Three characters at level 50.

This is what has legitimately dropped for me (most from farming for a specific item):

Storm Front
Legendary Hunter
Black Hole
Whisky Tango Foxtrot
Logan's Gun
The Cradle
The Sham

That's what I've got so far. Half of them ended up being 49, though. :(
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4 years ago#9
"That's what I've got so far. Half of them ended up being 49, though. :("

this is the worst ever- you finally see the orange- you run to it..and its one level shy of its full potential. ugggg.

User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#10
I'm at about 21 days of play time, with 7 level 50 characters.... I've gotten something like 70-80 legit orange drops, although I've spent probably 10% of that time purely farming. I refuse to dupe though, it's just not for me. I think I may be obsessed with this game, but I'm gonna keep going in my quest for all the legendaries!!
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