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User Info: NoahRay

4 years ago#61
Panopictonguy posted...

You're right he obviously enjoys playing BL more than me. That's why he plays it as if it's Myspace. I always knew Borderlands was a Social Networking game, I just couldn't figure out how to play it right. So he spent roughly 6 to 7hrs a day since launch social networking...in Borderlands. Yep, i'm sure he enjoys the actual game, very much.

I'm gonna go play the actual game now.

You're right, having fun and doing what you want with the game is pretty dumb. My bad. I forgot that in the instruction manual it was clearly stated "THE ONLY WAY TO PLAY BORDERLANDS 2 CORRECTLY IS BY DOING WHAT PANOPTICONGUY FROM GAMEFAQS SAYS IS CORRECT."


4 years ago#62

11 days-first time through with siren- did all quest in playthrough one and TVHM- plus played massive hours online with who-ever. found 3-4 legendaries (ii wish i would have tracked hours i spent trying to find jimmy jenkins)

4 days-second character- commando- did both playthroughs and dlc- 2 legendaries

4-days third character- gunzerker- both play throughs/dlc- 2 legendaries

12 days-mechromancer chick- (my little flesh sticker) completed both playthroughs/ all dlc- 1 legendary (was given about 100+ from all the help)

1 day-zero- one playthrough- online only- 0 legendaries

1 day-another gunzerker- online play only- 0

1 day-another commando- online play only- 0

i know farming will get you some goodies- but in all that time- with all that bloodshed and murdering, all the chest openings- thats all i got.

i tried to get my facts straight for all the haters out there. i'll be more than happy to be flamed as a "casual"- then i wont feel like such a time waster.


4 years ago#63
i hope Panopictonguy can accept this. and yes- i admit i love playing borderlands socially- especially after all the call of duty online hell. if you dont like it mr panopictonguy, you can please put me on ignore and go far far away where you can cry like a baby in your little corner...
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