How to start farming?

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User Info: justingriffin19

4 years ago#1
So im lvl 47 and on my second PT/TVHM and im thinking about giving farming a try seeing it seems like everyone here is having a blast. Couple questions here..When do I start farming in relation to my point in the playthrough? Which bosses are the most farmed? Anyone wiling to team up maybe? I have a mic looking for people my age though 22-30, I can play Sundays(after football season), Tues and Wed usually all day.

GT is Indie Solo1983
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User Info: xHuckleberry

4 years ago#2
You can start farming whenever you want, but i would suggest maybe waiting til after you killed the warrior on PT2 and the game changes over to 2.5(enemies scale to 50/52)

Ive farmed pretty well every legendary for myself in the game, so i dont really wanna re-farm them, but im sure you can find someone to play with in the GBX forums.

User Info: fredbeatswilma

4 years ago#3
Do farming runs as opposed to saving and quitting unless you are farming quest rewards which is your only option really. Plot what you would like then go for all of them in a session. I usually take a break from farming and start new characters to switch it up as well.

There only real problem is bunker and warrior but you can run from most enemies if you want to speed it up a little.

My standard route right now is:
Fridge(laney, smashhead, and rakkman)
Old slappy
Wildlife preserve(son of mothrakk, timon, and pumbaa)
bloodshot stronghold(turtle gang I also love this map)
Hunter hellquist
Doc Mercy
and others I can go on for awhile

None of these are in particularly order and I vary from day to day. Personally save and quitting is not enjoyable to me.
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