Master gee

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User Info: terrellv

4 years ago#1
Just wondering if anyone wanted to help me beat him. I'm a level 50 and I just need to defeat him on normal mode to wrap up the quests on that dlc. It would be much appreciated. Gt: xFeaR sD

User Info: terrellv

4 years ago#2
Bump. Really just want to get him out the way

User Info: king_ortis

4 years ago#3
Gee is easy with the Assasin. If u got one. If not ill be on later on.
GT: KingOrtis
"Don't like me or my comments? Then GTFO..."

User Info: terrellv

4 years ago#4
I do have an assassin. Someone just sent me a request now so I don't think I need help anymore. Really hate having to ask for help but master gee just irritates me

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