Why don't they add new orange items?

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User Info: Master X

Master X
4 years ago#21
LOL dude, obviously the level cap will give higher level oranges. I meant "new types" of oranges. New color rarity is a certain like I said. The only thing about new weapons you can be certain of other than higher level legendaries are new Seraph types. Seraph/RAID is the new thing and they aren't dropping it even if people want them to. Guarantee more people like them than those that hate them (barring glitches ones of course!)

Speaking of RAID...wasn't there supposed to be a Crystal Invincible or something from the main game in the code? Didn't people theorize it was going to be finished/added in after as DLC? It'd be the main game's seraph crystal dropper, heck even retroactively add in seraph vendor and new items, couldn't they? I think that's what they should do when the level cap hits since it's all but confirmed a PL3 will be available. Add a few new main game quests along with that boss to it and hey presto! Also, does anyone think Terra should be patched to drop Seraph too? Or would that be overkill since compared to the other RAID bosses it's...well, easy?
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User Info: xHuckleberry

4 years ago#22
Unpure_Euphoria posted...
From: xHuckleberry | Posted: 1/16/2013 11:24:35 PM | #011
SamuriChameleon posted...
xHuckleberry posted...
If you see red text. Stop your crying.

They are basically the same thing. Legendary doesnt mean the most OP gear. Some blue questies are just as OP, if not more with the right set up.

I don't know about you, but seeing an orange drop is way more satisfying than a blue drop with red text regardless of the actual usefulness of the item.

I dont know about you. But that doesnt matter.

Its how the gun acts and is used that matters. Not the color.


Priorities? Okay, it's a loot based game. I'm not afraid to admit I get a funny feeling in my tummy when I see that orange spew from my foe.

Well dont forget to admit that you dont play this game for its legendaries. You know, since its a loot based game. And only some of the loot is legendary.

Where is pano when you need him.
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