Gunzerker problems!

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User Info: bonemonkey80

4 years ago#1
What im I doing wrong ? I feel soo weak as a gunzeker here is my build
I'm playing on TVHM and Im playing solo

why is my gunzerker soo crappy? I don't have any legendaries and im using two spinguns

what im I doing wrong?

User Info: gunzerkincracke

4 years ago#2
this my build

User Info: bonemonkey80

4 years ago#3
I'm looking for a build that would make me a total badass whats the strongest build for a gunzerker?

ive been searchign the forums and I came across this build and setup what do you think ?

Build focuses on DPS.

Auspicious Raider class mod with +6 Money Shot and +5 Locked and Loaded
Bee/Evolution shield
Sheriff's Badge Relic
Longbow Slag Crossfire/Longbow Meteor Shower

DP Unkempt Harold
Maliwan Slag Pistol

Shock Redundant Fibber
Jakobs Quad

You can Gunzerk with very little downtime as long as you're shooting things, and as long as you hold down the triggers, you're getting a very nice fire rate bonus from Keep Firing and Locked and Loaded which helps you get the +880% Money Shot even faster.

User Info: Pathagreus

4 years ago#4
This is what I finally settled on after many respecs:

I have the Legendary Berserker class mod, so Incite and Hard to Kill are at 6, in case you're wondering why there is only 1 point in each. Before I had it though, I believe I was using either Two Gun or Unstoppable Berserker, so you could try those as well.

None of his final skills are all that useful IMO besides No Kill Like Overkill but, I like to gunzerk indefinitely, and that's too many points into gun lust for my liking.

Basically, just grab a good quad shotgun (I recommend Torgue Ravagers) and a slag weapon with a good ROF in the off-hand, with your other two slots being personal/situational preference. I hardly take cover with Sal, I just run around blowing up everything, literally, with a Ravager+Money Shot and double Meteor Showers, with additional hilarity in Flame of the Firehawk if (when) my shield goes down.

If you're having trouble staying alive, equip a transfusion grenade of your liking (or Leech if you can get it, instant heals), which will heal you to full health when you throw two at once. Down Not Out will also help you get that second wind much easier if you happen to slip up. I haven't had a rocket launcher equipped since I took the skill, there's just no need.

Currently, my equipment is as follows:

Casual Ravager
Slag Plasma Caster
Pitchfork (for fun)
Hellfire (for fun)

Flame of the Firehawk
Legendary Berserker Mod
Homing Meteor Shower/Homing Caustic Leech (for bosses)
Blood of the Seraphs

Just play around and see what works for ya. Respeccing is extremely cheap so there's no harm in doing it 20+ times.
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