Evil Smasher

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User Info: alarson

5 years ago#1
I'm wondering if someone would be kind enough to dupe me one, as I stupidly threw it away. I want to see how silly the glitch really is. Will trade from the 30+ legendaries that I have if need be.

User Info: Master X

Master X
5 years ago#2
It's a good glitch, but it doesn't work as good on the Xbox as PC from what i've heard and experienced. It's easy to get it to multiply a few times, but rather than a "rhythm" to it, it feels rather random to me. I can chain it dozens of times in a row and then switch to the weapon and have it reset to normal shots.

What the youtube doesn't tell you though is, is that you can replace the weapon you have upped with the glitch and have it keep the stats, heck you can even replace the Evil Smasher once the glitch has taken effect, essentially giving you two glitched weapons.

For some reason it's hard to get to work with the Fibber or Harold, so it's best to do it with other weapons and then switch these in after.

Also, you can keep all 4 weapon slots in use since you can just use the d-pad to back and forth select weapons which to be honest does the glitch just as good since it doesn't work right on Xbox. Of course this is my opinion, someone else may have better help and tactics I am unaware of.
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User Info: Thunderbolt210

5 years ago#3
The glitch doesn't work if u have the compatibility update no longer works sad face
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User Info: alarson

5 years ago#4
I just got it off of somebody, and my infiniti has 322 rounds and does 1.5million damage per shot. It also shoots faster than a minigun. Seems to work on the console just as well as the pc.

User Info: jenbeckler

5 years ago#5
It still works. Although I can't imagine getting an infinity above 300. Mine gets around 120 ish. If I get it much higher I experience frame rate problems from time to time.
GT: JenMeister07

User Info: jimmyCCFC

5 years ago#6
To be honest it's completely game breaking and IMO should only be used once you've already cleared the content first.

User Info: jenbeckler

5 years ago#7
Agreed ^
GT: JenMeister07

User Info: alarson

5 years ago#8
I did clear the content and the bosses are still retarded and poorly designed.

User Info: DMBHovDog

5 years ago#9
Still works...infinity at about 120 will do the trick just fine

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