Damn r eRex is so frustrating to farm

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  3. Damn r eRex is so frustrating to farm

User Info: I have no name

I have no name
4 years ago#1
The very first time I killed that stupid bug he dropped a rex with those spiky circular sights, but only lvl 48. Since then I've gotten atleast a dozen with iron sights, not a single scope or sight like I want.

I've actually gotten 2 sweet scoped revolvers and a legendary commando mod from the two chests on the way, but I want a Rex I can actually aim! The rough rider and 10 fleet skill makes the trip a lot shorter, but it still annoying having to run from the lodge to the elevator, ride it up and then run another mile to fight that insect a-hole

Anyone else having the same bad luck?
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User Info: POETS133

4 years ago#2
First time i Killed him i got a sir hammerlock rex
I love the power of the Rex
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  3. Damn r eRex is so frustrating to farm

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