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(message deleted)

User Info: JrsBeanz03

4 years ago#82
By any chance do you have the following items:

Inflammable love thumper
Inflammable hide of terramorphous
Slag eviceration rubi
And a shock chopper?

If you do I would greatly appreciate it.

User Info: MrBunzy

4 years ago#83
Since you are very busy, I only request one thing and that is a 94% The Sham!

User Info: Seiichi Omori

Seiichi Omori
4 years ago#84
im not too picky, but if you have the purple Mirrored Trickster and Wired Zapper mods, I'd be much appreciated

GT tankzero

User Info: H3nryW1ls0n3

4 years ago#85
Okay I am on my last person for duping now, when that is done I will be powerleveling for a little while. I will pick this all back up tomorrow. I will post on here when I will be accepting messages. The few of you guys who sent me messages on XBL after I already posted here No More Messages got deleted sorry. It is just my way of trying to keep organized.

User Info: iuykytr

4 years ago#86
Do you happen to have a lower level high power shock smg? im a bit new and am looking ( with no luck) for a lvl 12-17 shock smg that doesnt have terrible stats lol
" i got a big bag of crabs here, and ima put em in my mouth"

User Info: sto0dzz27

4 years ago#87
I'd love it if you'd dupe the skins/heads for me.

User Info: Sadisticways

4 years ago#88
I'd love any/all maliwan and hyperion etech plasma casters.
GT Sadisticways

User Info: lemoncrab

4 years ago#89
Sorry didn't read here yeah umm dva infinity
Twister, Dahl effecntcy for zero, and rare drop skins
Gt llamas creamRZA
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