Let's talk turkey: are you an RPG fan or FPS fan? You can't say "both".

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  3. Let's talk turkey: are you an RPG fan or FPS fan? You can't say "both".

User Info: Chargrilled

4 years ago#71
Rpg mostly
But i love anything with rpg elements in it nearly as much.
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User Info: BongSabre

4 years ago#72
Both. Elder Scrolls say,"Your argument is invalid."
It may be wrong, but god bless godlessness.

User Info: MercuriusPhi

4 years ago#73
I gotta say RPG. Though my first RPG experience was with a strategy game called Shining Force, I moved on through the plethora of titles and enjoyed, well, most of them (Looking at you, FFXIII, you miserable bastard child of RPG & Rail Shooter).

FPS, while fun, has really turned for the worse in the past decade. I grew up on Doom and Quake, HATED Goldeneye, but love the Medal of Honor titles (excluding Warfighter) to death. CoD doesn't count, as it's really only one game with updated graphics every 18 months.

Also, I too hold VIII as my all-time favorite FF title; however, I am the odd duck that proclaims Chrono Cross as the better of the two Chrono titles.

One more thing: I notice you're asking preference between these two in the Borderlands 2 board. Wouldn't the Daikatana board have been more fitting?

User Info: Shido

4 years ago#74
Both. My some of my favorite games are FPS/RPG hybrids like System Shock 2 and Deus EX.
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User Info: MES_Seele

4 years ago#75
RPG. I enjoy fantasy, fps tend to fall more on the scientific side. They usually aren't far from reality.
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User Info: Kilikan5670

4 years ago#76
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User Info: ArchedEnemy

4 years ago#77
First off, FF8 was garbage. There, I said it. You all expected someone to do it eventually. The junction and card system were broken. There was just this point about 2 hours in where I was like "Do I even need to TRY?" Give me a FF that can't be absolutely broken within hours, PLEASE. Story, characters, fine I can't complain. Game mechanics/battle system? Well, at least it's better than XIII :) IV, V, VII, IX, X, and XII are all about equal for me. I have a soft spot for IV because it was my first RPG.

Objectively speaking, I guess I'm more of a RPG fan than a FPS fan. I think Gearbox screwed up a little though, RPG fans broke BL1 so fast they overcompensated in BL2. The enemy AI now just bugs the crap out of me. They run around like a person playing Halo or CoD in deathmatch. random zig-zagging and stuff like that. It kind of kills my immersion.

Finally to the guy that said he hates fighting the RNG... as opposed to fighting the random dice roll? That's RPG 101 right there. I think that rule was invented just after the D&D guys said "Let's make a game!". I'm sort of astounded by your statement. That's like saying "I like playing poker but I hate having to take random cards on the deal.". Or even "I like this game, except for the main rule.".

User Info: jaydig

4 years ago#78
I'll choose RPG.

I do enjoy shooting tons of stuff in FPS games, but I can never hang in MP.

User Info: Auron772

4 years ago#79
RPG's are my favorite genre, hands down. WRPG, JRPG, SRPG, MMORPG, etc. I love them all.
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User Info: Lord ZhouYu

Lord ZhouYu
4 years ago#80
The brokenness of the Junction System is part of what made it so interesting. It wasn't as though it were tattered and shattered from the get-go, anyway: you had to do some thinking and gain experience with the game before you could really abuse it.

Most people playing it for the first time will either draw a few spells and go on, or realize they can draw 100 of all the spells they find and be stronger. Almost no one is going to start the game and then immediately know or reason that they can use Ifrit's card to jump through two hours of card games to mod 100 Tornado spells before going reaching Dollet.

FPSs are fine, but I'm by far more a fan of RPGs. It's my genre of choice, but WRPGs cling to their dark, realistic environments, gore, and fascination with intruige/assassins/whatever while JRPGs are terrified to show their face without doing something over-the-top and unrealistic with their play mechanics.

Now if they would make a game that looked, sounded, and just felt good like a JRPG, but had the mechanical realism and flexibility of a WRPG...
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  3. Let's talk turkey: are you an RPG fan or FPS fan? You can't say "both".

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