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User Info: Shichika

4 years ago#11
A man cant enjoy a game so much that he wishes for things to be a way or voices his opinions or ideas? He can have a life outside of a game and still care about it, though i think its not amazingly excepted yet in today's world, i do feel that those who dont dupe most of the time think of those who do as simple breaking a taboo and show them nothing but hate, instead of trying to understand why people do it instead of just passing it off as their lazy, casual, ect. but ya dude is allowed to care about a game he greatly enjoys and puts time into so no one has a right to tell him he should stop playing it.
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User Info: TheGamerist

4 years ago#12
smurfsn1p3r posted...
This is not a "I'm better then you for farming my own gear topic" I am mearly suggesting that people should not expect, and feel entitled to everything in the game without working for it.

All these LF dupe topics are pretty sad. Kids today feel entitled to everything the game has, but has no desire to actually play the game to get them.

When I see randoms running around with duped Infinities, after I spent 3 months hunting for it off and on made me sick. Here we have people with top tier equipment and they barely have 2 days worth of game time. The first Infinity landed on top the electric generator where I couldn't reach it, but I continued to hunt for it, and got it.

Don't even get me started on the level 50's with 30minutes game time.

I would have loved to seen them try and grind for loot in Diablo II, they would cry for hours and complain it is unfair that they actually had to work for their gear.

The only things I dupe are the items i find, and back up the saves incase something happens.

Before you even say it, I have a life outside games. All it takes is just a little initiative and some time.

Since the game was released i have found all legendary mods(terra and Vermi), Infinity, Neogenerator, Norfleet, WTF, Bee, Hide of terra, Breath of terra, Shredifier, all heads and skins, and countless other legendary gear

I would rather help someone farm an item, as it will increase the life span of the game for me.

Just my opinion.

*Waits for a duper or someone who has 98% of their gear duped to come and flame me, and say that no one cares about my opinion, then will continue to interject their own opinions and claim it as a fact.*

I bought the very first Borderlands on an older PS3 account I had and then I 100% including 2 DLC packs. I then sold that PS3 and subsequently the game, but then when word of BL2 first surfaced I REBOUGHT the first one for the 360 and have nearly 100% that as well. I played through the second game with a friend of mine and in our hours of playing we came across 1 legendary. And in our hours of playing we were in successful in even making Vermi appear once and when he did he didn't drop anything worth while. I spent hours on my own (because my friend wasn't as patient) farming the warrior and bunker looking for the CC and the B**** and the rare head the bunker drops and never finally only managed a b****. I farmed my own Bee shield, that wasn't actually difficult or time consuming (or maybe I just got lucky) but I had enough of the warrior so I reached out for a CC, with that finally in my possession + the bee (before the patch) I farmed even more since the tera, the warrior, bunker, and doc mercy all died incredibly fast with the combo and still I didn't get what I was looking for.

And I believe myself to be one of the most patient and dedicated of gamers (I am nearly 100% done with FFXIII FOR A SECOND TIME--and that grind is even worse, no one can help you--I 100% that back on my old PS3 account too, and once again rebought it when word of its sequel arose) and I have done my share of farming and grinding since way back on the very first FF's through countless other JRPG's and RPG's. So I feel I'm allowed to take advantage of this while I can, if Gearbox doesn't like it they can do something about it, but obviously they don't mind.

Sorry for the long rant... But yeah.

User Info: TheGamerist

4 years ago#13
Sorry, I meant only successful in making vermi appear once.

User Info: Shichika

4 years ago#14
Also, i feel like the TCs point got lost somewhere in his opening post, i assume that is fully bc of some annoyance though.
GT: zeroreaperX5

User Info: Theismos

4 years ago#15
I could write out my lengthy, drawn out opinion on the whole topic...but I won't. I just cannot see these topics as anything more than rehashed arguments intended to get attention. At this point I just want to enjoy my game and discuss anything but duping.

User Info: spfurm01

4 years ago#16
TC, I don't disagree with anything really in your first post.

But as a gamer with 1500+ hours in Diablo II, I feel like I can safely say that Diablo II was way more generous with loot than this game is.
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User Info: Devilanse333

4 years ago#17
1. It clutters the living **** out of messages boards. I mean god, where is the game discussion? People come, ask for crap, leave to never return and discuss anything. Or people with no interest in discussing the game come and give things away all day.

At the time of this posting, there was one topic on page one that fit your criteria.

2. People who believe this is how the game is suppose to be enjoyed. I don't care if you dupe, but when people come into my game and spew **** everywhere, then ***** at me because I don't take any of it. That's a problem.

Don't play with strangers. Lock your games. You can believe how a game is supposed to be played all you want.

3. It screws up the MP experience. It would be much to go into detail about how duping has diminished a large component of the game while at the same time gimping player ability. In short, it just screws up MP.

I'm sorry you're not having any fun. But my experience hasn't been touched by this "problem" in the least. Why am I so special?
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User Info: MrImpatient35

4 years ago#18
lol you're assuming that everyone has the hours to put into farming, to get the legendaries they wont. MOST of the people I know don't have that kinda time. I put about a week into trying to farm for the bee shield, and got nothing, so I just asked for it. I don't have the patience to keep farming for another week.
I have Dysarthria. It's a Speech problem. Your question is answered now.

User Info: iAmTheTot

4 years ago#19
This is going to go well.
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User Info: wareuph

4 years ago#20
TC was right about the LF topic clutter (it looks pretty clear to me at the moment though), though that's not going to go away and here's why: this game just isn't that generous with the loot. For some people they get lucky, others don't get s***. That's just how it is. I still love it, but unless you have a horseshoe stuck up your a** or you farm for an innumerable amount of hours you will not see orange weapons. I myself have found about 5 in around 100 hours, and around 10 of those have been spent purely farming.

Dupers will continue to dupe, farmers will continue to farm, and the only thing that should really matter is that the community sticks with this game so we can get more borderlands games from gearbox :)
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