Loki's Legendary Give-A-Away.

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User Info: NightmareNignt

4 years ago#1
-Must be in Sanctuary
-Must be near fast Travel
-Don't touch weapons till after I'm gone.
-Have fun with your new gear.

Send me a game invite online with one of the following characters which will decide what loot you get. I won't respond to messages.

I'm only doing this for a short period of time so get free stuff while you can.

GT: Okie Doki Loki

Pinkie is best Pony.

User Info: shaionei

4 years ago#2
Hey sent you an invite I have a lvl 50 gunzerker I just want an infinity that is it.

User Info: Superslayer1331

4 years ago#3
Sent you an invite I'm a siren

User Info: mr_escobar

4 years ago#4
Thank you!!
Advocate of teh lulz. Rival of Hector_of_Ostia; Founder of The Fab 4.
GT: Admiral Escobar; Alternate DD GT: Erin Escabar

User Info: Otzega

4 years ago#5
Sent you an invite, Class Mechromancer.

User Info: cookietheif

4 years ago#6
Just sent you one as well. Lvl 21 zerker
Official Elven Overlord of The Elder Scrolls V Board
If I wore panties, I'd need to change them!": VexNoFace

User Info: u360gamer

4 years ago#7
Invite sent. Lv.50 siren gt: BHSQA

User Info: Cyberius32

4 years ago#8
Sent u an invite cyberius32 mecro clAss

User Info: nexus414

4 years ago#9
hey I just send you a invite Mecro GT:Justinvice123
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