Why is the hammerlock dlc so goddamn difficult?

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  3. Why is the hammerlock dlc so goddamn difficult?

User Info: dahoros

4 years ago#1
Am I the only one that finds everything in this dlc impossible.

I'm playing anarchy gaige and I can't build a stack for the life of me because these damn enemies are too strong.

Is there a certain way I should be killing the witch doctors and various tribespeople?
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User Info: StormWolf12

4 years ago#2

User Info: danishjuggler21

4 years ago#3
Explosive damage seems to go right through the Savage Warriors' shields, making them very easy to take down. Salvador's melee override is also invaluable against them, as it launches them backward.

As for the witch doctors, just slag them and then unload on them with everything you have. I got in the habit of just throwing all eight homing sticky grenades at Lightning Witch Doctors whenever I saw them. All the other enemies seem to be no more difficult than anything we've seen before.
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User Info: Panopictonguy

4 years ago#4
It's meant to be challenging because all of the rare drops are fairly common. Use fire on the tribes people. That's the best I can suggest. I'm running through with a gaige also, I've jus been farming the drops. Currently trying to get a Twister. the fire plasma caster i'm currently using wrecks everything. Before that I was using a Fire Bandit Shotgun. I don't have much defense sense I'm rolling with a Rough Rider shield. But I'm specced in the BFF tree & OC for Death traps Melee. The fire plasma caster I have is level 48 and it has no trouble taking out level 52 Ultimate Badass Warriors & Which Doctors. Death trap is a good distraction you should use him more often.
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User Info: Lahar

4 years ago#5
It may not be a great strategy against the Lightning variants, but I throw Teslas at the Witch Doctors for constant health drain. If your build allows, kill a Savage first to trigger Evil Enchantress.

Check your gear, too. Going into BGH I was still using guns some levels below me, so I poured a few keys into the Sanctuary chest. Appropriately-levelled gear does make difference.
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  3. Why is the hammerlock dlc so goddamn difficult?

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