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Loot, Loot, & more Loot

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User Info: Icy10

5 years ago#1
I'll be doing a giveaway starting around 6:00 est today. If you're looking for certain items, post them on here with your GT. Everything is on the table except for heads/skins. I'll go in the order of the messages on here. Thanks!
GT: IcyReaper 10

User Info: Sqweamish

5 years ago#2
GT- Sqweamish

Any level 50 infinity. Been farming for days on end to no avail.

User Info: GRIFFIN360

5 years ago#3
I'm down. Level 44 Mechromancer. GT: IRISHKILLSWITCH.

User Info: Sangre_Primero

5 years ago#4
you can sign me up. I've been looking for a second Bonus Package for the longest.

I'd like one of those and whatever other legendaries you're willing to throw my way.
GT: Jeezy Baaaby

User Info: chuckleswood

5 years ago#5
Could I please get a Twister? GT in sig
GT: chuckleswood

User Info: POETS133

5 years ago#6
Iam looking for a Buffalo Rifle
My gamertag is JillBrainwashed
Resident Evil & Poets of the fall DIGIMON DIGITAL MONSTERS Thomas Hewitt aka Leatherface

User Info: drumlinedude10

5 years ago#7
Hawk Eye and Cobra.
Gamertag- MrDeepVoice

User Info: TheGrandFinale

5 years ago#8
If you have anything from this (Infinity, Slagga, Maggie, Conference Call) I'd love to get any. I have never duped though and barely have anything to trade. GT- F0rneus
GT- F0rneus / Nintendo Network - F0rneus / PSN -Helphinx / Steam- Chern0bog / 3DS FC: 4425-1553-4029

User Info: Shichika

5 years ago#9
Im in! ZeroreaperX5 not looking for anything i'll take whatever you wanna give. well if you could throw a Skull smasher and nay pink/new dlc weapons in there id appreciate it a lot xD
GT: zeroreaperX5

User Info: SL_Tops10

5 years ago#10
I'll take anything you're willing to give, but a Conference Call would be nice.

GT: SL Tops10
GT: SL Tops10
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