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User Info: RisuUshinawa

5 years ago#21
if you got the hide of terramorphous and/or the legendary mechromancer class mod that would be awesome!

GT: RisuUshinawa

User Info: nexus414

5 years ago#22
Count Me In GT:Justinvice123

User Info: nexus414

5 years ago#23
sorry count me out

User Info: TheGrandFinale

5 years ago#24
Icy10 posted...
TheGrandFinale posted...
So anyway, what's the setup here? This is literally the first time I am trying one of these giveaways out. Do I wait in Sanctuary? Do I send an invite after you message me?

Correct. I'll send you a msg when I get to you in line and you just invite me in and I'll drop your requested items. That's it :)

You...are one epic bro. Just saying. Holy skagsack, Thanks a lot for this.
GT- F0rneus / Nintendo Network - F0rneus / PSN -Helphinx / Steam- Chern0bog / 3DS FC: 4425-1553-4029
(message deleted)

User Info: VeritasAbIrato

5 years ago#26
cool, so you're starting at 6 est? Did my last post put me in line?

User Info: Icy10

5 years ago#27
VeritasAbIrato posted...
cool, so you're starting at 6 est? Did my last post put me in line?

Yes, I'll be starting in a few mins. And yes, you're in line
GT: IcyReaper 10

User Info: SeekAndDestroy2

5 years ago#28
I'm looking for an infinity, conference call, and any legandary class mods. GT is darkstar5577, thanks. And I'm level 50
PSN & GT: darkstar5577

User Info: xworkmanx

5 years ago#29
I'm looking for any baby makers, infinity pistols, and anything else you would drop for me. Thank you!
Gt: x workman x

User Info: mephisto4thewin

5 years ago#30
I would love a shock infinity and a skullsmasher. That's if your still doing this giveaway.

GT: mephisto4thewin
name: Tobes FC: 1678 5076 8170
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