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User Info: Cyberius32

5 years ago#41
If this is still goin on I'm looking for the hydra, twister, and hawk eye my gt cyberius32

User Info: dankbud

5 years ago#42
Thanks for doing this. Even tho i have connection issues....

Wasn't meant to be

User Info: SeekAndDestroy2

5 years ago#43
If I could also get some baby makers and the volcano that would be awesome.
PSN & GT: darkstar5577

User Info: ninjawiggy

5 years ago#44
do you have any Etech AR/SMG/snipers? Id really appreciate it if i could get just one.
Official Rampardos of the Pokemon B2W2 boards.
GT and FC's in Quote

User Info: Icy10

5 years ago#45
Thanks all! Sorry to the couple of people I couldn't connect with. If you need an item here or there, feel free to send me a msg and I'll see if I have it. Enjoy!!
GT: IcyReaper 10

User Info: MrBunzy

5 years ago#46
The sham and alkaline bee and sandhawk. GT Mr Bunzy (space)
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