I give up

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User Info: Jnation3

4 years ago#1
After a week of farming I'm at my wits end!!! So could someone please dupe me a lvl 50 conference call, infinity pistol and the bee. I will be on 9:00 est gt jnation3. Call me a cheater or call me what you will.

No mic thanks in advance if anyone helps if not thanks for reading my post.

User Info: lee_

4 years ago#2
Are you the one who sent me a message? If you're on now I can dupe those items for you.
Xbox Live GT: Swansfan4
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User Info: VirtusEtIgnis

4 years ago#3
Message me if you still need these. I can dupe all three.
GT: Virtus Et Ignis
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User Info: Jnation3

4 years ago#4
Thanks you so much

User Info: Msheridan1990

4 years ago#5
have fun cheating LOL
offical voice of the h4 community LOL

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