What's the fastest you got a Legendary?

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User Info: mooninomics

4 years ago#21
Either my Veruc, my Whisky Tango Foxtrot or my Leech. All three were on the first kill.

After that, probably my skullmasher. Got it on my second kill.
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User Info: captain_tylor

4 years ago#22
aekrillin posted...
Terramorpous class mod. 1st try! :D

Flame of Firehawk 1st try

User Info: SinisterBlade

4 years ago#23
First time I ever killed Mad-Dog, in my life.. he dropped a corrosive Baby-Maker. I also had never even encountered Madam-Whats-Her-Name at that point either. Cant get much faster than 1st. Try. EVER.
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User Info: Sno0p_B

4 years ago#24
got a volcano on my first warrior fight on my first playthrough with my 1st character [zer0]

User Info: StealthX99

4 years ago#25
got a volcano, impaler, and nukem from a single fight with warrior during first play through

User Info: tony8669

4 years ago#26
Hellfire. Went right to where he was after hitting playthough 2.5, killed him, got the drop.

I was honestly stunned, didn't expect to get it first try at all.

User Info: Ray5555

4 years ago#27
Skorm's white death level 12. I found in in a trash bin. a level 50 prudential pyrophobia got that in a random chest after killing hurl ee. The hidden chest when leaving had it in it.
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User Info: GT_Sooty_Chop

4 years ago#28
Took forever to get an infinity pistol. Finally got an electric one, killed him once more got a fire one. Back to back infinity's.
If that's what it is, then that's what it is.

User Info: justthefaqs

4 years ago#29
Brandt posted...
September 18 2012, got a Hornet when I first killed Knuckledragger.

This, actually got it before I redeemed the pre-order weapons so it was the first gun I found in the game after the quest one.
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User Info: ChicagoTed_

4 years ago#30
First kill of Bunker ever got me a low-level Sham.
First kill of Wilhelm on TVHM got me a mid-30s Logan's Gun.
First time I even met Scorch (just passing through, not looking) got me a 48 Hellfire.

Countless upon countless time farming for drops I actually wanted? Barely any success, and mostly 49s (ugh...). 250 hours later, and I've finally got my gear mostly sorted out.
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  3. What's the fastest you got a Legendary?

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