LF Hammerlock DLC Seraphs

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User Info: jordoneus121

4 years ago#11
i can dupe the interfacer, infection, relic, and hawkeye for anyone who is looking just msg me on live.
"One of my hardest parts of my job is to console family members who have lost their lives" - George Bush
Gamertag: jordoneus121

User Info: Komander21

4 years ago#12
and1ballr posted...
and1ballr posted...
The GT is rinen1 right? I sent an invite.

Thanks. I see the sniper when I went back to my game. Anyone else can help me out?

I will dupe you the relic if you dupe me that Hawkeye you just got.
I am the Komander. I Komand you. GT: I Farm Lead

User Info: Sillycampos

4 years ago#13
I have all the seraph guns from dlc
Gt: Hard Af Doe
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