Gunzerker advice

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User Info: bonemonkey80

4 years ago#1
New to being a gunzerking an dim using two assualt rifles and im primaryly going down the gunzerkering path

the accuracy on the guns are horrible i have to be soo close to the enemy to shot them

Im I playing my character right? should I be using other guns?

User Info: pookiejin

4 years ago#2
there is a skill that increases your accuracy the more you hit something. this helps your accuracy.

but yes, Sal is designed to run up to guys and shred face. with an adaptive shield or a nova with good range and damage, its not hard to get kills before getting killed.

keep a slag in your off hand, this helps bunches.

User Info: innersmoke

4 years ago#3
Money shot (left tree) find an auspicious raider class mod that adds +5 or 6, grab two sick shotguns. Wreck faces. Repeat
GT- Innersmoke
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