Legendary weapon trade/dupe

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User Info: shedninja108

4 years ago#1
hey looking for someone that can help me out. Im willing to trade or if someone could dupe that be great. Looking for '
infinity pistol
hammer shot
rail gun
My Gamertag is atwiztidparadis

User Info: allred1975

4 years ago#2
I've spent countless hours trying to get conference call and the bee, so I can solo terramorphous. no luck.
I have:
*Sticky homing leech (lvl 50/legendary)
*fasionable volcano (lvl 50/legendary)
*feral veruc (lvl 50/legendary)
*bulets go fasterfied plasma caster (lvl 50)
*skirmish plasma caster (lvl 50)
*flying plasma caster (lvl 50)

I can dupe these items to trade for cc & bee. I've never played coop/multiplayer before. So if u r willing to help me, I might need some help with the process of duping/trading. thanks in advance. my gamer tag is: allred1975.
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  3. Legendary weapon trade/dupe

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