your favorite legendary nade?

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User Info: H_Panic22

4 years ago#21
Argyle_Gargoyle posted...
H_Panic22 posted...
I had unending love for the Storm Front...and then I got a Homing Fire Bee (Fire Burst was my favorite normal grenade anyway) and the love ended.

Aside from a scant few scenarios, I find it endlessly cathartic to just watch Pandora and it's inhabitants try to deal with being engulfed in a nightmarish inferno...or two...or three.

another good choice. only problem is that it is worthless against armor. too bad they dont have a corro bee. that would be nasty

There's your problem right there. You see a yellow health bar and see adversity. I see a chance to find out how many Fire Bees it takes to melt a Constructor into it's base components.

Resistance...Pbbblt lol.
Gamertag= H Panic22
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