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User Info: AmazingPandaMan

4 years ago#1
does anyone have any really good lv 1 gear or any really good gear between lv 1 -5
Xbox GT: Panda Flavored

User Info: Flow_149

4 years ago#2
The gearbox golden gun pack is pretty good for lv1 players. As for level 5 try to see if the vending machine carries a fire umbrage (Maliwan), it carries a good element, high damage, and it's accessory gives it a decent fire rate. Your going to want higher level guns for the boss though. :)

User Info: sozapop

4 years ago#3
i have a lvl 7 plasma caster that came in handy big time, but do ALL of the side missions or grab some levels in an online session


4 years ago#4
i have a lvl 1 hornet, i use it all the way to level 9, and i start usin my lvl 9 hornet (i'm lucky like that)
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