What's the best name you've ever gotten on a weapon?

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User Info: aheedthegreat

4 years ago#21
I got an AR called Greesy Ass Beeter.

User Info: I have no name

I have no name
4 years ago#22
LusterPaladin posted...
Bandit SMG - Bulets Go Fasterifed Accurate smgg

I just found one of those farming bunker, along with a torgue launcher called deep a deee!

Don't know why that makes me laugh so much.
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User Info: IAmDJNinjaStar

4 years ago#23
deadlyfred posted...
I love that my message got moderated for including a censored version of the name of one of the guns in this RATED M for MATURE game.

The gun I listed was the Rightsizing B-WORD.

Or is that bypassing too? Ridiculous.

While I normally never agree with this dude, I have to say he's totally right here. That IS ridiculous. On topic, I like the name redundant fibber. It sounds like a nonsensical insult. It's even better if you picture a British man saying it. Something like "So you used that OP gun to take down Pete? God, you're such a redundant fibber!".
Hi, IAmDJNinjaStar.

User Info: IIDXHolic

4 years ago#24
<in red> This weapon should not drop!
Stiff Rod

User Info: Shake_Like_E

4 years ago#26
I found and Angry B**** and a Caustic B****** on BL1 if that counts. I loved those.
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User Info: Pathagreus

4 years ago#27
Wyld Ass BlASSter
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  3. What's the best name you've ever gotten on a weapon?

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