Any news on the new character ?

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User Info: PunkNeverDies

4 years ago#41
Making mock characters is a hobby of mine, so I actually have a full WereSkag skill tree created. Here's the key details, I can go into further detail if you guys request.

His ability is (surprise?) Transform.
The trees are Alpha Predator, Pack Hunter, and Changeling.

Alpha Predator is all about being a big, beefy tank. Notable skills include Pounce, a long distance Melee override; Bullrush, a sprint override that allows his sprint to cause damage, and Hunter's Feast -- killing an enemy regenerates some health, shields, adds a damage buff, and extends the duration of Transform.

Pack Hunter is about howling to buff the pack (Holy crap Rockstar, lol, you were totally on the same page there). key skills include Howl, pressing LB while your transformation is active causes you to Howl, buffing your team's stats (Bigger buff at night); Feral Pack, howling summons Skags to help you fight (More points = more skags), and Pack Evolution, a skill that can upgrade the summoned Skags to Spitters, Alphas, and the elemental skags.

Changeling, however, is more about transforming between human and skag forms. Human form specializes in shotguns and snipers (A hunter) and skag form specializes in damage and mobility. The tree is broken up in left path (Human) and right path (Skag) -- and the ultimate skills (Where the branches intersect) are the ones that affect both. The most notable skill in this tree is One with the Beast, Transform gains instant cooldown. You can freely switch between forms with no penalty.

For his character, I was thinking a Germanic, gentleman. (Kind of like Nightcrawler). I was thinking his politeness and prim-and-proper etiquette would be a funny contrast to the feral, bloodthirsty creature he transforms into.

Other characters I've worked on: A Vampire / Succubis that can thrall enemies; a ManShee, an 80's rockstar who uses his voice in various ways; a Midget, complete with jetpack and ridiculous gibberish names skills; a Hippie flower child that channels nature; a Viking that can summon giant thunderbolts from the sky; and one I've based entirely off of suggestions I've seen in this thread, a Bro-bot. He's basically a fratboy / surfer dude robot who can grapple, zipline, and freeze things. I was working on him last night, he seems like a lot of fun.

User Info: Rockstar97856

4 years ago#42
I just howled like a dog and ripped your arms apart and devoured your body, anyone care for some tea?
GT: xIMike ox bigIx
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