Huge rare giveaway going on right now in Sanctuary

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User Info: Funzio99

4 years ago#21
iin need of lvl 50 fibber thxs.. gamertag in sig
XBL Gamertag: Funzio99
PSN: Funzio99

User Info: Jacobson1275

4 years ago#22
invite please gamertag Jacobson1275
GT Jacobson1275

User Info: resealable

4 years ago#23
Thanks for helping with the decked out achievment. And don't worry about having me wait. I owe you big time.
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will send me into a downward spiral of infinite despair.

User Info: IxblackenedxI

4 years ago#24
are you still doin the giveaway? or did i miss it...

User Info: orangebike

4 years ago#25
Add me
Gt: The Jewbecobra

User Info: Knightmare6

4 years ago#26
I'm just looking for skins and head

GT - Knightmare Phil ---

User Info: Rings

4 years ago#27
killbot357 posted...
Hit me up if you want in on this, I'm making it rain

If there isn't a giant mountain of Fibbers, I am gonna snap.
NOPE! It's just Chuck Testa.

User Info: ToiletDuckRIP

4 years ago#28
If this is still going on, I'd like an invite.
GT: SimonSezDiosMio

User Info: IAmDJNinjaStar

4 years ago#29
I'm looking for like this ultra-rare skin. It's called "hey snake". Can you help a brother out? I will totally drop more fibbers than a pathological liars convention. Like tons of fibbers. I'm talking a goddamn mt. everest of nothing but fibbers and frozen Sherpa.
Hi, IAmDJNinjaStar.

User Info: Aceofblades2k2

4 years ago#30
Am down. Aceofblades77
,/\[E {}F |}L/\|]ES, "Lance Armstrong Needs Akimbo Testicles- Why is he only allowed one at a time? - SmolledShrimp
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  3. Huge rare giveaway going on right now in Sanctuary

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