Thank u Evil Smasher!!!

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User Info: deathtag360

4 years ago#1
Like everybody else I exploited the bee + CC combo and enjoyed smashing terrorM in seconds for the sweet delicious drops he would give me and it made farming for rare weapons easier for me and my comrades.

When the New invincible bosses came out, before the patch, the Bee + CC was ok still but man those guys would still kick my ass...

I mean taking on hyperius, Gee and pyro Pete where such a pain.
I would only play with one guy online really, more often leaving me to battle these Badassaes alone...then they patch the bee + CC combo and now the little bit of edge I had to take this guys on alone was no more...leaving to get my ass kicked and broke after every fight...

Just found out about the Evil smasher exploit, so I searched the boards for it and WoW does it make life so much easier.

I mean, I killed pyro Pete 10 times within a span of 10 mins(never beat him Moved on to Hyperius...beat him so many times, I had gained 380 pink crystal within a hour and two rare gasmz...I felt lucky, I moved on to the meanest of them all(I think)...Master Gee(whom I never beat,even with four people)...dusted him in 5 replay value for this game has been renewed now that I know I can smash this guys by myself without wanting to shove this game up GearBoxes Ass...

Just wanted to share my exploit joy with u guys)
Gt: Deathtag360

User Info: _henry14_

4 years ago#2
Can't believe you didn't put your flame shield up

User Info: king_ortis

4 years ago#3
Lol...enjoy it while it lasts.
GT: KingOrtis
"Don't like me or my comments? Then GTFO..."

User Info: ChicagoTed_

4 years ago#4
No flames here. I'm glad you found something to renew your enjoyment of the game.

Flaming people for playing the game how they want to play is petty and childish.
No Zombie is safe from Chicago Ted

User Info: Vincent729

4 years ago#5
where do you get the evil smasher? I apparently need one.
GT= Run x Vindex

User Info: havok718

4 years ago#6
You should try making more friends.

User Info: Tec187

4 years ago#7
If yu want TC, I can teach you how to kill the bosses legit - it's a very rewarding feeling!
Let me know :)
ULCE #: 12.834
~ "I don't need luck, I have ammo" ~ Grunt, ME3

User Info: Jokerz_Wildcard

4 years ago#8
Vincent729 posted...
where do you get the evil smasher? I apparently need one.

The Chosen One
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