Whats your favorite manufacturer for each gun type and each character?

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User Info: BigRobb2389

4 years ago#1
I know these topics are done often, but i find them interesting and fun, so, without further ado...

Pistols- Its hard not to choose Vladof here. Vladof and Jakobs, with a soft spot for Bandit and Maliwan.

SMGs- Bandit brand! Tediore, Maliwan, and Dahl are probably tied for second.

AR/Rifles- I'll say Vladof, cause even though I may like Bandit, and Jakobs a bit more, I like variations of them with a Vladof Barrel. Dahl Miniguns are great with the right set up as well. (axton)

Shotguns- hard to beat hyperion in this slot, jakobs are pretty fun as we..! BOOOM TORGUE!

Sniper Rifles- Maliwan, Jakobs and Vladof are probably the best though.

Launchers- Bandit, and I am starting to like Maliwan. Torgue is always a good fallback though.

Overall- Definitely Bandit, I love their huge magazines and stable shots. Dahl might just make the best weapons overall though.

Axton- Dahl and Vladof

Maya- Maliwan and Bandit

Salvador- Bandit and Vladof

Zero- Jakobs and Hyperion.

Gaige- TBD

Disclaimer: All choices are subject to change, often and without notice.

What are your guys favorites?

User Info: Shichika

4 years ago#2
Axton- Torgue

Maya- Maliwan

Salvador- Bandit

Zero- Hyperion.

Gaige- Jakobs

- I think Dahl weapons work well on all of them personally
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User Info: aekrillin

4 years ago#3
I really like Torgue a lot for some reason.

User Info: BigRobb2389

4 years ago#4
Oh and I forgot some.

Shields- Anshin

Grenades- no preference really... I guess Bandit, they seem to make a nice variation.

User Info: illbzo1

4 years ago#5
I tend to prefer SMGs, ARs and shotguns, though I've only played as Maya and Gaige. I still use every type of weapon, though.

Shotguns: Hyperion, Bandit
Pistols: Jakobs, Vladof elementals
ARs: Vladof e-tech, no question
Snipers: Jakobs
SMGs: Maliwan, Tediore
Rocket Launchers: Torgue, Tediore, Bandit
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User Info: Flow_149

4 years ago#6
Personally I usually end up using the same of combination of Shotguns, SMGs, Rocket Launchers, and Sniper Rifles on every character. >.> I am really starting to like Vladof pistols though.

Pistols- Vladof
Assault Rifles- Torgue
Shotguns- Jakobs, Hyperion
SMGs- Maliwan
Sniper rifles- Jakobs
Rocket Launcher- Torgue, Bandit

Dahl snipers gets an honorable mention, once you get use to limiting the burst to 1 or 2 shots, they can be quite handy.

Shields- Pangolian
Grenades- whatever brand makes fire burst and/or telsa.

User Info: wareuph

4 years ago#7
Tediore Plasma Casters - love the accuracy, damage and fire rate. Like to think of them as mini-legendaries :)
Meshuggah, Decapitated, Suicide Silence, Arch Enemy, Caliban, God Forbid.

User Info: captain_tylor

4 years ago#8
It seems torgue shotguns deal TIMES more damage than same stat jakobs. Especially with Gaige.
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