Rare Head Drops

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User Info: DreaddNok

4 years ago#1
I have the following to trade/duplicate:

Terramorphous: C0al Train (Zer0) & Shadaloo Stylish (Axton)
BNK3R: Digitized Death (Gaige)

Heads I will trade/duplicate for:

Gaige - XXX, Lovely Corpse, Metal Blood
Axton - Space Knight, Bone Blinder
Zero - G4L4H4D, Raz0r
Maya - Cold Steel, Kawaii Killer, Til Death do us Part
Salvador - Boatmurderer, The Baron

Hit me up on XBL if interested gamer tag: DreaddNok

User Info: smo1001

4 years ago#2
I've got the Metal Blood for Gaige, and really want the digitized death one, but actually need all three of those. I'll send a FR
"You'll never get dressed as quick as when you wake up next to a naked dead chick" -Ron Bennington
GT = YellowStang95
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