Rules of the Golden Keys

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User Info: trueballa6969

4 years ago#1
Hey, Ive been googling for the answer and cant find anything..

so what exactly are the rules? I know they are one time uses. But does that mean one per character? Like if I use my key on zero, will my new character still have one?

Or what about my other account on the xbox? Its not a live account so it has the key too. If I use the key will the other account still have one?

Thanks in advance. :*
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User Info: Vegetall

4 years ago#2
1 per account, not 1 per character.... so if you use it, and make a new character, you will still have 0 keys...

the chest DOES NOT give a legendary, only blues/purples...

and IMO its worthless to wait till 50, if your in a rough spot even at 20 use it...and see what you get..


4 years ago#3
first time i used chest i got legendary level 9 pistol. used it till about level 25. used about 20 keys since- never saw another legendary....but it does in fact give them- but about as often as the vault symbols on the slot machine.

User Info: aekrillin

4 years ago#4
Save them for the level cap increase. I have 27 now and am going to use them when I've reached the new cap so I have at least decent weapons to use while beginning farming. My group has over 100 now so hopefully we get SOMETHING useful out of them because we didn't after using like 70 when we reached 50 and that was quite disappointing. Of course we already had the CC/Bee combo then so I'm sure our standards may have been a little high lol.

User Info: schmidtster

4 years ago#5
@old man gamer the golden chest does not give legendaries. I don't have the link right now but it only gives purple weapons and blue relics for you current level. Nothing else.


4 years ago#6
i know, i read that too--but i got one- first time i ever opened the chest, first night the game was out. first thing i did when i got to sanctuary. i kept it too- when i get home ill tell you what it is. your also not supposed to have unlimited bank slots, or infinite ammo, and i got that too... this game is so whacky!

User Info: Rings

4 years ago#7
I have opened the Golden Chest over 100 times using the USB glitch.

I have never gotten anything other than current level purple items and a few blue relics. The items are great for pre-LV 50 characters.

Old Man you must have been super lucky to get that chest to spit out an orange.
NOPE! It's just Chuck Testa.
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