Chubby enemies?

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User Info: Irradiated_Lake

4 years ago#1
I know there are varkids, stalkers, and spiderants, but are there any others?

User Info: Frumpy88

4 years ago#2
Skags. I may have seen another chubby but Im not sure.

User Info: BigSai29

4 years ago#3
Skags Rakks.

User Info: Irradiated_Lake

4 years ago#4
The wiki only states Skaggs and varkids, but I have seen a chubby stalker twice, and a chubby spiderant once. I believe it was about the same size as a Sapper, except it was black and green and had a lot of health. Since the wiki is a bit underdeveloped I was just wondering if there are any other unlisted chubbies?

User Info: SuprSaiyanRockr

4 years ago#5
I'm told that you can find chubby midgets, but I've never seen one. Only seen varkids and Rakk, mind.
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User Info: need4speed6448

4 years ago#6
I have seen Varkids, spiderants, rakks, stalkers, and skags.
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User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#7
I can confirm chubby midgets.
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User Info: Mayhemers

4 years ago#8
Likewise. Only seen one ever mind you. I believe everything non-human can be chubby in the game.
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