I am NOT a weapon mule

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User Info: xHuckleberry

4 years ago#31
Panopictonguy posted...
kiwimyweewee posted...
This is starting to sound familiar.

These things don't effect people unless you let them or mentally involve yourself on the internet.

First part was right. Least its sticking this time.

User Info: DMBHovDog

4 years ago#32
Like its been said before, don't publicize your GT...

Also, isn't there a way to make your profile private? Like only allow messages from friends?

User Info: H3nryW1ls0n3

4 years ago#33
Social_Sin posted...
CoolBeansAvl posted...
I had someone ask me to ask everyone else in my game for specific items once. Guy probably just went down the matchmaking list messaging all the hosts for his items -_-

I find that the best solution is to just not respond at all. No need to even say no.

Ya I didn't, it wasn't until I deleted his 3rd friend request that I started getting the insults and hate mail. It's ridiculous, and Killbot I 100% agree, I mean sure if people are offering it that's one thing, but I'm not Henry Wilson (no offense just using you as an example if you read this) If I had made that type of topic than sure, but just by having my gamertag in my signature is not a sign for me to dupe you stuff.

It's more so for those that play the same games as I do join up and play the game, le sigh if only I could pull a Marcus intro hahah.

lmao No offense taken, I totally understand. The reason I started the mass giveaways was because I would get 30+ random messages and/or friend requests a day asking for this or that from something I posted about weeks ago, helping one person in particular.

User Info: sharkercheat

4 years ago#34
happened to me off and on,but i was playing something else.dont mind if im actually playing the game.unless its one of my friends, i just ignore it if im on a different game.

User Info: Shirase

4 years ago#35
Lol, this happens to me from time to time. I'm usually nice about it since I don't mind sharing stuff and there's often times where I'm looking for something as well.
XBL: quahog convo
PSN: quahogconvo
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