Looking for Cobra Sniper Rifle

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User Info: cousinit1492

4 years ago#1
Hello All,

I am personally unable to find a cobra sniper rifle, I guess just purely due to bad luck. If anyone is willing to dupe-trade a lvl 50 one with me that would be greatly appreciated. Lets play the you-pick-two game (you pick two items to trade for your Cobra). Here is my list of gear:


Critical Conference Call
Practicable Conference Call (Fire)
Restructing Conference Call (Corrosive)
Potential Conference Call (Slag)
Texas Striker
Desperate Flakker
Sledge’s Shotgun
Sledge’s Shotgun (Fire)
New and Improved Deliverance (Corrosive)
Swiss Deliverance (Fire)
Original Retcher (Corrosive)

Two for One Gunmerang (Corrosive)
Redundant Logan’s Gun (Fire)
Purging Infinity
Purging Infinity (Corrosive)
Purging Infinity (Fire)
Unending Infinity (Electric)
Stiff Unkempt Harold
Dastardly Maggie
Bayonated Gub
Binary Thunderball Fists
Close Quarters Hornet
Binary Infection (Corrosive)
Filled Law

Hefty Baby Maker Lvl 48
Guaranteed Baby Maker (Corrosive)
Brisk Baby Maker (Slag) Lvl 48
Refill Baby Maker (Fire)
Acuminous Hellfire
Rightsizing B**** (Corrosive)
Agresive Slagga
Bladed Tattler

Sniper Rifles:
Cartel Pitchfork (Fire)
Operational Pitchfork (Electric)
Chikamin Skullmasher
Auditing Invader (Electric)
Auditing Invader (Fire)
Monstrous Volcano
Longitudinal Longbow
Razrez White Death
Razrez White Death (Corrosive)
Gromky White Death (Slag)
Chikamin Hawk Eye

Puissant Norfleet (Electric)
Punitory Norfleet (Fire)
Big Badaboom
Parataxis Pyrophobia (Fire)
Puissant Nukem
Moscovite’s Mongol

Assault Rifles:
Wild KerBlaster
Feral Veruc
Breach Veruc (Slag)
Onslaught Veruc (Fire)
Severe Shredifier
Akurate Madhous! (Fire)
Deadshot Hammer Buster
Onslaught Seraphim (Fire)

Hide of Terra
The Bee
Alkaline The Bee (Corrosive Resistant)
Grounded The Bee (Electric Resistant)
Whisky Tango Foxtrot
Black Hole
The Sham

Rolling Thunder Lvl 49
Sticky Homing Bonus Package
Sticky Homing Electric Leech
Homing Storm Front
Homing Breath Of Terra
Sticky Longbow Quasar
Lobbed Pandemic
Homing Fire Bee
Sticky Homing Meteor Shower

Blood of Terra
Blood of Seraphs
Allegiance Relic (Tediore)
Might of Seraphs
Breath of Seraphs
Sheriff’s Badge

Legendary Siren
Legendary Soldier
Legendary Hunter
Legendary Mechromancer

If any two of these items sound good to you and you have the Cobra sniper, post the proposed trade here (including the item you want and item I need) and send a message to my GT: SIN Cousin It.

PS. I will be duping these items. Anyone not interested in that, should not offer a trade.

User Info: hotpiercedguy

4 years ago#2
I do not have your sniper rifle sir. But I must ask out of sheer morbid curiosity: how many of those items in the list did you actually work for, versus just duped ones. It is an impressive collection. I assume you must just use a gamertag mule to hold them all?
well good for u i didnt come to ur precious server im not gonna tell u where i am but im not on urs thank you - Sxmfc

User Info: cousinit1492

4 years ago#3
All of the Seraph/non-orange unique gear i obtained myself. As for the orange gear, i estimate that I got about 10% of it myself, 30% from my friends, and the other 60% from random trades such as this one. As for storage, i consider myself rather addicted to this game, and so i have six characters, all of whom have more than enough inventory space to hold it all.

Regardless, thanks for the bump dude!

User Info: Karbenyo

4 years ago#4
I have a cobra. Do you have any heads or skins?
Xbox GT: Karbenyo

User Info: cousinit1492

4 years ago#5
Got it. Board closed.
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